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Protect your pump with the Seradisc Filter Screen
and say goodbye to the can filter!

Whatever system of water delivery is used, it is crucial that adequate screening is provided to protect the pump and system. Conventional filter screens are usually of the ‘can’ type construction which offer relatively low performance against blocking and the ingress of debris and air which may cause excessive wear to your pump due to cavitation.

seradisc filter v can filter

Watch the video to see how our Seradisc filter performs against two types of can filter.
Unbelievable results!

The Seradisc Filter - better by design

seradisc filter cutaway

The filter's unique design has increased the screen surface area thus diffusing the flow and reducing the velocity at any given point. This helps prevent air ingress through vortexing and subsequent damaging pump cavitation.
The design also allows for extra discs to be added, giving you total control over particle filtration grades, from 5mm down to 0.1mm.

seradisc filter charlie tippett quote

See how Shoalstone Seawater Pool pump seawater
and avoid clogging up with seaweed and sand

See how Charlie saves time and money by using the filter to protect his mono sewage pump.

click to see how easy it is to assemble!

The Seradisc Filter Kit
Easily assembled in minutes, the kit includes:

Filter Barrel, 16 x Filter Discs, 2 x Disc Retainers, 2 x 2" BSP Adaptors,
Flexible EPDM Coupling with stainless steel worm-drive clips, Instructions.

2 Seradisc Filter kits are included in the Papa Pump kit to protect the pump

Optional Extras

seradisc filter spare discs

Pack of 16 discs
By adding extra discs to your filter, you give yourself a greater range
of filtration grades. Easily fitted, up to a maximum of 42 discs.

seradisc filter protector cage and float

Screen Protector
Stainless Steel Screen Protector and Float. Used for disc protection when filtering from just below the water surface, avoiding floating debris

seradisc filter with cage and float

Filter, Guard & Float
Save on the cost of separate filter & protector costs! Buying the filter and float together saves you money on the individual prices!

Watch the video to see floating filter examples

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