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If you want to pump off grid water over large distances and to impressive heights of up to 150m using no fuel or electricity, the Papa Pump can deliver.  Pump water 24/7, giving essential clean water to remote villages and farms enabling self-sufficient food production and offering new business opportunities to the community.

Drinking water only accounts for 8-16 liters of water use per person per day whereas many 000's of liters are utilized by each person for washing, sanitation and food production.  The Papa Pump will provide continuous quantities of water from remote sources without the need for fuel, electric or human effort.

How the Papa Pump can work for remote communities

If there is access to off grid water from a spring, stream or river and it needs to be delivered to, say, a remote village, then the Papa Pump hydro ram is the perfect solution.  Without the use of any electricity or fuel, it will pump water over long distances and to impressive heights of up to 150 meters.  It works 24/7 day and night, rain or shine and because the technology is so simple there is little to go wrong, and so time and maintenance will be saved.

Pump and Store
The idea is simple - water is pumped when it is plentiful to a storage tank at the highest point of the village - to use where and when needed!  The stored water can be gravity fed to animal troughs, for irrigation or  homes for domestic use.  It can even be used for micro generation to help provide electrical power.

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Papa Pumps Delivering Off Grid Water in the Developing World

Water Powered Technologies recently teamed up with the charity 'Singing Gorillas Projects' to install a Papa Pump which delivered water to a hill top village in a remote part of Uganda.  The successful installation meant that the water no longer had to be manually carried (mainly by the women and children).  The women were then free to do more productive work and the children could spend more time at school.  See the video above.

The charity Renewable World was looking for a solution to deliver water to a remote community in Nepal.  Being completely off-grid, lack of water gave limited irrigation possibilities and therefore suppressed employment opportunites. Other fuel/electricity free solutions could not deliver enough water.  So Renewable World opted for a multi Papa Pump system consisting of 5 pumps which deliver free water to the village.  See the link above.

Papa Comparison with Solar Pump and Electric Pump

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