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Measuring and Planning your Papa Pump Site

Animation of a Papa Pump install

First part of planning your site - you need to do some measurements...

For your proposed Papa Pump site to be viable you must have...

A spring, stream or river and the watercourse must fall to give you a Supply Head of a least 1 meter.
The Supply Head is the difference between the highest point of your watercourse and the lowest point across your land)

The greater the Supply Head, the greater and higher the water delivery.

The main objectives to planning an efficient system is to always maximise the available Supply Head but to keep the Supply Pipe (between the Supply Tank and the Pump) as short as possible.  You can achieve this by running the Feed Pipe (between the Catchment and the Supply Tank) along the contours of the land as shown below.

planning how it works site principles

Step 1 - Supply Flow

Measure/estimate the available flow of water supply to the pump from your stream or river. See the guide to measuring flow rates here.

Step 2 - Supply Head

Measure/estimate the height of your potential Supply Head.  This is the height between your water source and the where you can position your pump.See the guide to measuring heights here.

Step 3 - Delivery Head

Measure/estimate the height of your Delivery Head.  This is the height between your pump and to where your water will be delivered for example, this could be a hill-top storage tank or lagoon.See the guide to measuring heights here.

Step 4 - Check system delivery

Using the results from the above steps, use our graph to show expected water delivery per day. You can find the graph on this page or click the image to download PDF

If the graph shows that you don't have enough water delivered, the Papa Pump system can be scaled up by using a multi-pump system. Download the performance chart (PDF) which will estimate the total delivery from your system here.

see more about Multi Pump Systems here

pump performance chart

If you have a small or intermittent flow from your watercourse...

planning - papa pump with Sureflow valve installed

You may need a Sureflow Control Valve to maximise your delivery potential.  The Sureflow Valve automatically stops the pump when the supply flow reduces below the recommended amount and automatically restarts the pump when it picks up again. This enables you to use every available amount of flow from your stream or river without you having to do anything.  The Sureflow Valve is fitted to your Papa Pump and the float assembly is fitted in your Supply Tank attached through the conduit.
To find out more about the Sureflow Valve click here

Sureflow manual

Step 5 - Plan your installation layout

Typical Layout Example

Planning your layout correctly is essential for an efficient system and maximizing the potential water delivery.  There are a few do's and don'ts - so please check out the guide here first.

Below is a typical system layout with the critical measurements indicated by the red boxes.
(Please note that if you are using a weir, this will replace the catchment tank)

Layout guide

plan and install

How much will the installation cost?

It very much depends on your site and can vary by quite a bit depending on how many troughs, length of trenches, whether you are using a weir, etc.  Below is an example of an installation to give you an idea of the costs involved.  You can also see that by self installing you can save a lot of these costs.

Pricing Schedule example

You can also download this handy shopping list which details the parts you will need for your installation.

We may be able to help you assess the potential of a Papa Pump installation if you can email us some photographs of your site.  Please give your photos a meaningful title as shown in the picture below.

planning site photos easy install ram pump

Step 6 - Installation

The Papa Pump was designed with simplicity in mind and is easily installed by anyone with basic DIY skills.  We supply a detailed installation guide, step by step videos and can also provide surveying services should you need it.

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