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Deliver more water with a Papa Pump Multi-Pump System.

Why don't we make different sized pumps?
Simple - we don't need to! One of the benefits of using a Papa Pump is that it is working 24/7 and doesn't need to be turned on or off.  Using a multi-pump system means you can multiply the delivery amount and also maintain a pump without stopping the delivery of all your water.  You can just use one pump if you don't need a lot of water and use the other pumps when more water is needed.

Doesn't buying multiple pumps multiply the costs?
Not exactly. The majority of the installation cost is in the infrastructure.  Although you may buy, for example 3 pumps, you can still dig one trench, use one pump chamber, one delivery pipe and one storage tank, etc.  So any extra cost will not be as much as you might think and of course, you can deliver 3 times the amount of water.

See how multi-pump systems have worked for our customers...

ITV news report - a 6 x Papa pump system saved UK Maristow Estates around $37,000 on their public water bills!
watch the video .

A 5 x Papa pump system at a remote Nepal village provides water and irrigation for crops, increasing yields.
Download the pdf case study.

See how much water you can deliver with your multi-pump system

If your supply flow is large and you need more water delivered, you can use a multi pump system.  To estimate your delivery flow, use the Papa Pump Performance Chart (for a single pump) below and all you need to do is multiply your delivery figure by the number of pumps in your system.  We have added a quick reckoner below with some multi-pump delivery examples.

multi pump installation example

Papa Pump Performance Chart for Single Pump

pump calculator

Papa Pump Performance Chart for Multiple Pumps
Delivery amounts for multi pump systems are simply the single pump value multiplied by the number of pumps:-

multi pump systems

Download the Multi-Pump Information Sheet (pdf) here

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