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A selection of leaflet resources

Papa Pump General Leaflet

General Information about the Papa Pump, benefits, what is included in the kit, preparing your site, installation principles and guides, contacts, etc.  Full of pictures and diagrams for better understanding.

Papa Pump Installation Guide

Comprehensive Guide to site surveying, materials specification, measuring techniques, installation principles, maintenance, trouble shooting, contacts and help.


Papa Pump User Manual

Everything to keep a Papa Pump working efficiently and trouble free.

Sureflow Automatic Flow Regulation

Enables the Papa Pump to operate regardless of water supply and with adjustment. How it works, installation and advantages.

Seradisc Filter

Two Seradisc filter kits are supplied with each Papa Pump kit. This advanced filter design will protect your pump from ingress of harmful debris.

Multi-Pump Performance Chart

If you have a good supply flow you can use multiple pumps to maximise your delivery.  This chart will indicate the potential delivery with various multi-pump systems.

Self Install Guide

Installing a Papa Pump is easier than you think. If you have any experience in digging trenches and laying pipe reasonably competently then you have the ability to fit a Papa Pump System.


Installation Shopping List

Make sure you plan your installation correctly and use the proper materials.  This document covers all the basics on installing a Papa Pump and has a list where you can cost all the materials you will need.

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