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Product Technical Details, Training Guides and Installation Locations

We think that ours is the best ram pump design available today. In spite of its compact size, it outperforms any other comparable, traditionally designed, ram pump. For information on how the Papa Pump works and why it is superior in size, weight and performance to traditional ram pumps, take a look at this page.

The technical details for the Papa Pump are available below.  Also a comprehensive training guide for installers and map showing locations of many worldwide Papa Pump installations.

Papa Pump Technical Sheet.
asic information regarding pump size and materials and also what is included in the Papa Pump kit

Papa Pump Manual (Blue)
All you need to know about the Papa Pump. Note that this manual is included in each Papa Ram Pump kit

Papa Pump Installation Guide

Comprehensive Guide to the best ram pump design site surveying, materials specification, measuring techniques, installation principles, maintenance, trouble shooting, contacts and help.

Pump Installers Training Handbook

The Papa Pump Training Handbook is a comprehensive guide for Papa Pump installers covering all aspects of the Papa Pump technical specifications, installation guide, maintenance, repairs, contacts and help.

The map below shows the locations of many worldwide pump installations.
UK demonstration sites marked in red

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