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Calculator - will the Papa pump work on my site?

First work out your basic layout.  Position your catchment at the highest possible point of the watercourse.  Then position your pump chamber at the lowest practical position. This difference in height (the supply head) will give you maximum efficiency and thus maximum delivery.

When you have estimated your Supply Head and Delivery Head (as the diagram below) you can then work out how much water you can deliver to your higher level storage tank or reservoir.

pump calculator

If you are unsure how to use the graph, click on the image to the right for an animated example

If the graph gives no result using your parameters, or the result is in the red area, please contact us

Need more water?

Papa Multi Pump Systems

If you need more water than a Papa Pump can provide, you should consider a Papa Multi-Pump System - you can run up to 10 pumps in parallel using only one supply tank, one supply pipe trench and one delivery pipe, giving you an incredible water delivery.  The other advantage is that while you are performing maintenance on one pump, the rest keep going, giving you uninterrupted water delivery.

multi pump installation example

Click the image to download the multi-pump performance chart (PDF) which will estimate the total delivery from your system.

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